The Golden Age Is Dawning: New Sunset Colours Explained

The Golden Age Is Dawning: New Sunset Colours Explained

The latest images from photographer Wendy Wagner,  are stunning aren’t they?  Wendy say, “Look UP news: I am seeing this new color phenomenon almost every morning now..and a few times at sunset. Anyone else seeing these colors in the sky?”

What is going on?  Down the rabbit hole we go… weeeeee… it doesn’t get much ‘beforeitsnews’ than this, and in a good way, these new colours aren’t from chemtrails or humans.

Well, some of these ‘new colours’ are in fact, ‘new colours’ of the golden age.  In the piscean age, we have 7 colours… in the golden age, there are 12, colours, so the spaceships, and elemental beings, are showing us these 5 new colours. “5 new colours”? one may ask…. yes I say…. “5 new colours”… I’m pleased to share the following information:


As many spiritually conscious beings know… there are some very good messages coming through the internet these days from friendly and loving extraterrestrials… some of whom can be seen in the sky.

I love reading these channeled messages…one channeled message that I’ve been drawn to read and re-read…trying to comprehend… is the Sananda message that discusses 5 new rays… which I have interpreted to mean 5 new colours….

Entire Sananda message can be read here

Within this Sananda message above, is the following info:

8TH RAY – Seafoam green with violet: clear and cleanse 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

9TH RAY – Luminescent light green and blue: love, joy and passion for life

10TH RAY – Pearlescent luminosity: Code your lightbody into the physical, draw in your I AM Presence

11TH RAY – Peach luminosity: Bridge to new age, balance male and female polarities

12 RAY – White Gold: Cosmic fire, ease and grace in one’s creations

*Call upon these rays now and ask yourself to absorb and integrate these 5 new primary colours… why wait? Why forget?


I received this lovely image from Darcy Fallowfield whom thought it was a chemtrail and it could have been, but it does look like a rainbow cloudship to me... look at this image and see if you can see that the cloudship is actually showing us the 5 new colours…..

More of Wendy’s images…




The Company of Heaven is spending us a message… I feel it is important enough to repost, in the hopes that there are others out there, who are willing to listen to Heaven, and share the Company of Heaven’s message… it would seem reasonable since our planet is not in a good situation, that people who are also truthseekers, would be present for what the Company of Heaven has to say… why is it easier to give the Company of hell on earth, all the attention when we claim to be seeking Heaven on earth??? /alternative/2014/02/a-special-message-from-the-company-of-heaven-on-chemsnow-and-greater-efforts-needed-to-take-back-destiny-2899190.html

MATTHEW: “A civilization appearing as cloud formations is leading the way in cleansing Earth’s atmosphere”

 MATTHEW: “A civilization appearing as cloud formations is leading the way in cleansing Earth’s atmosphere”


One ‘Crazy’ Indian, A Cloudship, And A Skeptic For Breakfast –


One ‘Crazy’ Indian, A Cloudship, And A Skeptic For Breakfast –  Sometimes I just can’t resist pointing out the cloudships to people, especially if I’m in the mood to be a ‘crazy Indian’…especially if the cloudships in the sky are ‘obviously’ not just regular clouds, it makes this part of my mission all the more easier and fun… this morning, I couldn’t help but notice a cloudship saying ‘hello’.  I was having breaky with someone I would describe as a skeptic and to him I was surely a “conspiracy theorist”, which I explained to him, was a term used by people who cannot handle the truth… a few days ago over breakfast, I showed him a photo of the planet mars, and explained that mars isn’t a red planet… it’s a blue planet… I showed him the photo of a blue planet mars, with brown landscape, and a white north pole… I asked him what colour he sees… he said ‘red’… I told him, he said ‘red’ when there was no ‘red’ in the picture, that his answer was an indicator that he was brainwashed… anyhow… today when I brought up the idea of the cloudship, he couldn’t help but smirk… but I couldn’t resist being the ‘crazy Indian’ that would wipe that smirk away, very nicely of course and with a little help from my sky friends ;)  … I told him often the cloudships will show ‘stripes’ as an ‘energy signature’ to show people that it isn’t ‘just a cloud’… I told him you can’t tell the cloudship to prove itself to you, but that if you ask with your heart for a communication, one might come… yup crazy Indian talk,… his leg was a-twitching, which I’ve learned this is what he does when I’ve given something weird to think about, like the time I told him the gelatin capsules these days may be made from ‘human dna’… Sure enough about 20 minutes later after the “cloud” made some very ‘uncloudlike maneuvers’ which I kept on pointing out hehe, then as if on cue, it formed very defined ‘stripes’… I said, “see those stripes… ‘that’s what I told you might happen’… I’m pretty sure his leg twitched rather uncontrollably at that moment, but I was too busy smiling at the sky, and watching the cloudship quickly dissipate, to notice… it’s good to have friends in high places. – Indian in the machine

One Day The Cloud Looked Back

One Day The Cloud Looked Back

This pic was taken over Lake Louise AB Canada, 2012.   Why do all these strange things happen to me… and I making this stuff up?  Why do angels, sky spirits, cloudships and other beings, come by for a visit?  It’s because I am a messenger of the spirit world… the spirit world is the cause and the physical world is the effect…. those who know the spirit world hold power… this is why secret societies often kept their spirit knowledge to themselves… I, on the other hand, find passion in sharing this stuff… I share power. That’s why the spirit world visits me, because it’s part of my mission to help our planet rediscover the spirit world, and thus our place in the world, and thus other dimensions… the Universe is based on shared power.

Some might scream ‘photoshop’ hehe… but I make a video too. ;)  

Indian in the machine



Top 10 Photos Of Sky Spirits

Top 10 Photos Of Sky Spirits


A real spiritual revolution, is to see ‘new’ forms of life, and to be in harmony with them. ;)



 The spirit world is the cause, and the physical world is the effect.

Some people see only the effect, but never the cause.

Some people can see both the cause and the effect.

Modern science sees only the effect, but never the cause, which it can only approximate.

The sky elemental known as ‘sylphs’ are the caretakers of the sky.

The earth, air, fire, and water spirits are slowly making themselves known to humanity.

If you heart is open you will be open to yourself and other lifeforms.

If your heart is closed, you will be closed to yourself, and feel all alone and separate from the Universe, and it’s unlimited lifeforms.

If your heart is closed, all of this will sound like crazy talk.

A real spiritual revolution, is to see new forms of life, and to be in harmony with them. ;)


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  • Photo: Cleaning up our planet is a multidimensional operation... meet one of our co-workers!