Salutations Dieter!

Thank you so much for your wisdom, you have opened a world for me that I forgot about, I appreciate all that you do.
There has been alot of action with chem trails lately in the area I live in, Red Deer, Alberta. A friend likened it to a tide, on most nice days you’ll see a few chem trails show up always followed by their counterparts the sylphs, they take care of the trails and then the sky glazes over with a cleansing misty like cloud cover that moves across quickly and leaves a nice hazy clear sky free of chemicals.

I have an affinity for these air lords and was photographing them and telling them how beautiful I found them one day when a plane flew over head, I tried to catch it to show the scale of the sylphs but it refused to show up on my camera, I was very surprised when I downloaded the pics to see an orb where the plane was supposed to be. A couple of weeks later I was again filming sylphs when another orb turned up in my pictures. This time there is a suspicious large cloud in the frame that has right angle corners and an odd sylph like projection pointing to the ground.

I was hoping you would know if these are our friends or something to be concerned about. I sense it has something to do with a huge radio tower nearby all this action but I could be wrong. I would like to help but other than being a number one fan and cheerleader I don’t know what little ole me could do.

Thanks for your time, my best wishes to you and your family.

Kelly S

Indian writes: Thanks Kelly S. for your kindred words, spirit and images, what you can do is to continue to use your consciousness and love in service to God and the Creation….there are unlimited ways to do this…..keep shedding old illusions, assisting others to do this when you feel called to do so, and life in joy! Ashtar has said in a recent message that we Lightworkers still need to do more…..EVERYBODY! so Lightworkers out there….we´re doing great and we can do MORE. We are in a grand battle between Light and dark….to me that means 100% dedication. Together we are indeed Victorious! Dieter


Oh and by the way for those who are just figuring all this craziness out…..there are toxins raining down on us through the chemtrails, you can detox from chemtrails especially the barium and aluminum with Indian in the machine´s IONIC FOOT BATH PLATES


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