“Ordinary Guy” opens up about seeing square cloud

“Ordinary Guy” opens up about seeing square cloud

(A letter send to Indian in the machine from James)

“hi just thought i would share somthing that happend to me about a week ago. At work all day i had a feeling like i was being watched anyway after work i went round my friends house and something was pulling me outside so i told my friend i was going on to his balconey for some air and saw a completely square cloud i watched for about 20 minits and all other clouds dispersed i thought it was weird but never gave it much attention. When the evening arrived i then felt the pull(best way i can describe it) i then went back on to balconey looked straight up at what i thought was a star but it was twinkeling far too bright it slowly started to desend and became just a bit smaller than a 5 pence piece i was standing there trying to will them to come closer i was not scared but felt like i should be(i have no previouse experience in ufo or anything like that i am a normal 925 guy 2 kids wife ect) any how i think it scand me in some way i was kind of connected to the light i could feel it looking in me then did feel some fear not panick but fear and it slowly went back to where it had been stationed i then noticed that there was more than one i did not tell my friends, wife, anybody untill this moment. I have been feeling very different of late more calm (i have been prone to outbursts) but has not happend in months.
I am not spiritual or religouse and became your friend on fb after researching ufo/alien after the said event. i dont know what drew me to you but i feel like i am being guided in some way i mean there is a lot of info out there but i have never been interested and was compeled to write this msg to you i was going to the other day when i sent friend request but lost my nerve because of the stereo type that surrounds these matters. Anyway this is a msg from an ordinary guy with what i think was something extraordinary happen could you try and give me some feed back i am still waiting to tell my partner but i know her reaction (send to loony bin).”

Photo by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) Banos, Ecuador


One thought on ““Ordinary Guy” opens up about seeing square cloud

  1. THIRTINA says:

    saw that once in salt lake-80’s in the sky a square butnot solid more like an outline, like you would draw on paper. it stayed there for a while and i could never figure out what it was..

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