Extiviumm± LISTEN TO THE RED SHAMAN reader perceives Sky Sylphs, and New Energies

Extiviumm± LISTEN TO THE RED SHAMAN reader perceives Sky Sylphs, and New Energies


It was the craziest thing for me earlier!! I was riding in the passenger side of the car and all of my attention turned to the sky for some reason. I saw a chem trail and i was thinking “the usual spotting near my house”, but i saw what i remember you calling a sylph? then chem trail didnt appear visible behind the sylph, and it appeared to be cleaning the chem trail! i could kind of feel it! This has been happening to me lately, I’ve been feeling a lot of things i didn’t before. Like sometimes i’ll finish people’s sentences for them like i know what they’re going to say, and i might recognize someone without actually seeing their face, i just get a feel, and it’s always right. I’m also seeing examples of how positive energy and love counteract negative energy. For example, my sister had yelled at me for something, and when i say yell i mean YELL. When she walked off i decided not to focus on that negative thing, but to instead focus on the things that are making me happy in my life
atm, and to not let any negative feelings pull me down. Next thing I know she came back and apologized, which is something she NEVER does. But i can feel good times ahead!

Indian in the machine’s Sylphs and UFO Cloudships




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