The Skies Above Us
C. L. Cook
The skies above my home in Victoria are mainly clear today, September 4th, 2010. Great bands of rainclouds drifting gently in from the Pacific are currently circling round us, promising rain later tonight, perhaps.
I qualify my forecast because as anyone who has lived on the wild west coast of Canada knows, the weather has its own schedule, and only a fool believes the weathermen here.

More predictable however is the appearance of the jet trail fliers. They arrive invariably in pairs, criss-crossing the skies over us for hours at a time, leaving long, spreading, toxic clouds that crosshatch above and persist for hours, making of our evening air a grey murk.

I’ve watched these guys for years, but the last two days in Victoria were about as bad as I’ve ever seen for the chemical spraying of the skies above us.

But, it was not just Victoria; reports from Nanaimo concur, the whole southern half of Vancouver Island and beyond suffered under the onslaught of chemical application that began before dawn and was still overflying as the sun set.

Though sometimes a lovely orange as the sun slides below their horizon, the chemical tracks, or “chemtrails” serve as a disturbing portent of the coming world. Denied for years, their observers labelled “conspiracy nuts” and such, the reality of these things is as easy to verify as a simple gaze upwards. Looking there, you’ll see them in most parts of the world, jets doggedly flying patterns, back and forth, east to west, north to south, trailing wide plumes that billow out of nozzles visible in pictures, and to anyone with a telescope and steady hand.

But what are they; and, more importantly, what is that stuff being sprayed so persistently into the atmosphere?

Though these chemtrail flights have been commented upon for more than a decade, there is still very little on the official record to answer these simple questions. It would be easy enough to access flight plans, if such things were filed, to trace the operators. The planes flying these missions are as large as passenger liners, and after the 9/11 attacks, one assumes every jet liner flying over population centres is duly authorized, logged, and tracked. But not these; why not? How is it something in plain sight can remain clouded in mystery for so long? How is it possible a great and ugly “fact on the ground” can be so persistently ignored, or denied in those rare instances comment is made?

As to the materials jettisoned from them, try asking your local health authority about it. In my town, the local health officer is fixated on cigarettes, the smoking of which is banned in every public building in the city, and on balconies too; but ask them what is filling the airshed above our town, and making its tourist-friendly blue skies grey and you’re likely to be invited to exit the building before the police arrive. We’re all familiar with the truism: “What goes up, must come down,” but who knows what is coming down, and why won’t they tell us the truth about it?

I say this is portent of our coming world, but in reality it is the past that is prologue. For years we wealthy have ignored the poverty that ravishes the rest of the world. We have watched largely silent as millions died of war and disease, pestilence and famine. We ignore the reality of the bloodthirsty necessities employed to “protect our interests around the world,” sacrificing our humanity for vague promises of physical security. And, we have ignored the horrendous damage our rapaciousness has wrecked on the ecosystem, and for our non-human fellow Earthlings.

So, what’s the big deal about a little smoke in the sky? I’d like to know a few things:

1)    I demand to know who is flying these missions.
2)    I demand to know what they are introducing into our environment.
3)    I demand to know why they are introducing these unknown elements.
4)    I demand to know when these flights will stop.

I’m not alone in making these demands. Around the country, and around the world, citizens are looking up with the same kinds of questions and concerns, and they too want answers.

We are beginning on Vancouver Island to form an alliance. Already, watchers are poised with cameras, recording these events. We are now ready to reach out to those silently worrying about this issue, and are inviting your participation.
The photos and video presented here were all recorded over a two day period, the first two days of September 2010, by regular people who live on Vancouver Island. They are the beginning of a campaign to address our shared concerns.

There are many theories about these flights and their true purpose. I don’t know the answers to the questions above, and I feel speculation at this juncture is no substitute for information and a substantive response from those within the ministries and departments responsible for the health and well-being of the population and environment; but until that is forthcoming, I suggest citizens take action.

If the government is unwilling to act in your interest, as it appears, and refuses to take seriously your inquiries and intelligence, as is also abundantly obvious, then it’s time to seek redress without them.
Chris Cook is managing editor at, and hosts the weekly broad/webcast show, Gorilla Radio.


  1. jeannine says:

    The question is that who would profit from this and why? If this is a government run mission (do not know), then what is the intended result. My understanding of the chemtrail phenomenon is that these chemicals are targeting the elderly making them sick and reducing their lifespan in order to save on the disbursement of government pensions.

  2. Darlene Buckingham says:

    Count me in – I have noticed the spraying in Tory Hill Ontario. I agree that we must demand to know what is going on!

  3. Adamis says:

    hi there, not only in your country you could see these chemtrails today. i live on a greek island in the aegean sea and i could watch the same phenomena today.

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