“They” call it “geoengineering”… we call it “chemtrails”, and it is changing the pH of the soil – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

“They” call it “geoengineering”… we call it “chemtrails”, and it is changing the pH of the soil – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Dear world,

It’s true, we need a miracle right now…the miracle is you.

The miracle is that you awaken and see beyond the existing reality.

See beyond existing reality and know that chemtrails are real.

Chemtrails are also known as “geoengineering” when “business people” talk about them…it’s their way of dehumanizing their crimes against life.

There are many companies who are involved in “geoengineering” including airlines, boeing, chemical companies, government, military etc. Often these companies are satanic in nature, because they are often against life itself. They are serpents and they run your town and nations and they are currently being exposed by the truth and the Light.

Many of these organizations are run by people who are dark and ignorant…well, psychopaths even, and in fact may very likely be engaged in regular satanic sacrifices, child prostitution, or even genocide of the natives of north america which still seems to be continuing via secret frequency weapons being beamed to indian reservations. ‘They’ are planning for full-on planetary enslavement…you know….satan’s henchmen…, however God has something to say about that….”no way jose!’

Geoengineering is chemtrails which is yet another genocide in action, this one being a planetary genocide because chemtrails are against life itself.

To engage in because the spraying of chemtrails containing aluminum and barium is adversely affecting all life because all life is connected to the soil and water, because these metals changing the pH of the soil and the pH of the fresh and salt waters of our precious planet.

Chemtrails are adversely affecting our soil’s ability to grow food and to sustain life, therefore humanity must immediately stop “geoengineering”.

The pH of our planet’s soil is changing and yet so many are playing Farmville on Facebook and “don’t have the time to help”. The pH of our planet’s soil is changing and yet the minister of the environment is like satan’s lap dog licking it’s own balls, too dumbed down and preoccupied to respond to the acid rains raping the earth of any remaining normalcy.
In fact this news just in today even…canada’s environment minister just quit to join the CIBC bank…just in case you think your government is “hard at work” solving all YOUR environmental issues! In many cases they are doing it all on purpose….after all, who’s been secretly creating a world of poisoned air, food, water and soil while they personally benefit in creating a fascist one world government??????

Please envision a clean sky free of chemtrails today and everyday…our ability to spiritually create a better world, will bring it into physical manifestation…together we are that powerful!

Thank you for welcoming our extraterrestrial family to assist us to clean up this planet, and to assist us to learn how to become galactic citizens.

We desire to act as One in collaboration with God to create paradise on earth. Let the cleansing of all that doesn’t serve humanity, continue…so be it!

Love, light and watch for the new rainbow colours in the sky!

Indian in the machine



What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails)

ESSENTIAL KEYS TO DETOXING YOUR BODY FROM CHEMTRAILS!… Himalayan salts, baking soda and ionic foot baths – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)


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