RELAY RELAY RELAY – Sylphs (Atmospheric Devas) 4/8/11

RELAY RELAY RELAY – Sylphs (Atmospheric Devas) 4/8/11

Spirit Eagle

We are the Sylphs, the Atmospheric Devas of the Air.  We come to you this night to ask you to remember what you have forgotten.  And that is that you are creator Beings!  You are Sovereign over your lives.
What is transpiring on the Earth Mother at this time is a replay of some of what happened on Atlantis so very long ago.  The “science” of Destruction is not so very new as you have believed.  There have been those before you who in their intellectual arrogance and in their greed have laid waste whole continents in your ancient histories.  Truly, “nothing new is under the sun”.
The present population of earth is repeating this ancient story.  The difference is that now you are on the threshold of Ascension and your lessons are coming very quickly and in a relatively short period of time.  So, Right Now, you All are asked to Transmute the damage that is being caused by the spewing of radioactivity across the Earth.  Because of the wind currents, no area on this Beautiful planet will be spared.
Let go Now of fear!  There is no place for it in what you HAVE to do!  Visualize the radiation dissolving into inactive, inert substances as they flow across the world.  See them with love!   See them as millions of beautiful flowers, objects of beauty. (As your Twin Flame does)  Change them into harmless butterflies.  Whatever you See with love Will Change to love.
You ARE Ascended Masters!  This is your opportunity to learn that whatever you see with Love WILL BECOME LOVE!   We, the Slyphs, have been Transmuting this radiation as You Are Asked to Do!  Your Star Sisters and Brothers are helping you with this.
We remind you that you and the Earth are Transforming into higher dimensions now.  Humanity can No Longer Wait for someone else to Do Its Work!  This is Your challenge and it will be your Triumph!    Cast Fear and Doubt OUT of your minds!   You are the Elders and you are the Teachers.  It is by your Example that the people of the Earth will  regain their confidence in their inherent ability to do the “seeming miraculous”!
Look to your skies and you will see us!  We expect you in the millions and billions to Join Us in cleaning the air, water, earth and everything upon her!  You will one day Bless the name, “Fukushima” for that will be remembered as the call you responded to and stepped, finally, into your Ascended Mastership!
Rest Well, Be Ready for The Work!  You Are Needed NOW!
April 8, 2011


One thought on “RELAY RELAY RELAY – Sylphs (Atmospheric Devas) 4/8/11

  1. LadyT says:

    I did not know what to think about Sylphs, and just sort of watched and read various things about them. I have been in on Chemtrail awareness activism for
    a long time, and have seen the trails spread out. I have seen different things when this happens, but just didn’t go any further with it. I have organite cloud
    busters and crystals that people have sent me, and use them and Bless the chemtrails focusing on their changing into Blessed, pure water crystals.
    So, several days in a row, I looked out at the aerial spraying and saw some variations in the clouds. I read some things about the Sylphs from many writers that I respect and have proved to be true. Still, I couldn’t quite past the thought that it might just be the wind blowing into these shapes, and people wishfully thinking that it was more.
    Then, around Summer Solstice, I did my annual Celtic Warrior ritual. I held my
    sword high in greeting to the Elements, after Father/Mother/God/dess. It was joyful as always, and always feels like home when I spend time that way. It is reconnecting to all that I know is true and in my blood…my ancesters, and the love I feel from ALL is real, including Elementals, Angels, and all of the Heavenly Kingdom.
    The next day I was looking at the chemtrails in the sky outside, and felt urged to
    ask for proof that Sylphs are real, like so many people believe. I humbly asked
    to be shown. Around the trails in the sky, something began to take shape. I was distracted by something for a few minutes, and then looked again. I kid you not, there was a huge Angelic-shaped cloud, and it looked like it was holding up a huge sword in its right hand, in greeting, just as I had done in my private ceremony. WOW! It was amazing! There was no room for doubt at that point. THAT was an intelligent, personal, and real message!
    Naturally, I feel closer to the Elementals now, and have no reason to doubt.
    The answers I get when I ask with my whole Being, are really humbling…I mean
    because they really care enough about me to show me what I need to see!
    An Angelic Warrior holding up a sword in greeting to me! How awesome is that?!

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