Indian in the machine 

Dear world…  thank you those who are working diligently to bring chemtrail awareness to those who want to know, and to those who are willing to take action.  One seldom aspect of chemtrails are the fluffy sky spirits who are neutralizing the chemtrails… please laugh with me, it’s funny as heck I know… i’m still laughing even after sharing this story for many years…  that’s why I have fun with it… it’s also true… many people when shown what to look for… begin to see the sky spirits known as the sylphs, do a chemtrail cleanup… it happens again and again… so what do you have to lose to ask them for a sky demonstration except your own apathy and ignorance????… and be willing to work with them…., bring/make  “orgonite”… and all forms of ‘lifeforce’ into your collaborative spaces… sylphs will respond with their presence when you are doing something good for humanity, such as working with crystals… prayers…affirmations… etc.  Remember no one has to prove anything to you… it’s you who needs to prove you are worthy to yourself and God.   If you see a sylph munching on a chemtrail, why not take a picture and show the world that you are willing to collaborate with the sky spirits who are defeating the chemtrails… haha… gotta love it… no military effort in the entire world can defeat the giant friendly fluff balls full of love…. tell the world… Much love, Dieter (Indian in the machine)   SYLPH/CHEMTRAIL VIDS AT YOUTUBE  CHEMTRAILS AND SYLPHS ON FACEBOOK


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