Kicking Chemtrail’s Butt!

Watch the sky spirits kick chemtrails butt…. and no I’m not drinking the bong water… watch the video and learn something. ;0 Learn how to perceive the spirit world and join in the sky party… thanks to all of you increasing awareness… how far down the rabbit hole do you really go?

More documentation here…

Indian in the machine (more sylph links here)

….and here….


One thought on “Kicking Chemtrail’s Butt!

  1. windystar88 says:

    I so enjoyed that, thanks so much, Indian. Here in Costa Mesa the skies have been clear, seems that some kind of legalities have changed around here in Orange County and we lucked out and don’t get the chemtrails anymore. But we did, and I’m grateful they are gone. So it’s something to do with the governments and I guess in Canada there the new change hasn’t been applied yet, i.e. no more poison chemtrails…!! Appreciate your steadfastness to post these and I loved the Lake Louise posting, bless you for that. Windy Star Running Wind

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