A Sylph INSIDE A Chemtrail, Which Is Next To HAARP Cloud

A Sylph INSIDE A Chemtrail, Which Is Next To HAARP Cloud

This photo came from Alabama on Feb. 27th…

What are we seeing?

1. The big white cloud cover is a chemtrail.

2.  The punchcloud sylph inside is a sky elemental being, that are now commonly seen in skies all over the world (usually not inside a chemtrail but rather on the outside).  Sylphs are the sky guardians who have been on this planet much longer than humans.

3.  The striped formation on the left of this image may be HAARP clouds… magnetic pulsations sent to a sky laced with metallic chemtrails, can zap energy in places, to modify weather and much other nastiness.

Obviously to an awakened being, there is a sky war going on, already…  obviously the Light is destined to win…  no humans are allowed to destroy the planet…  skeptics… try paying conscious attention to the sky and see what is actually going on right above you, that you may not have noticed before.   The sylphs are our allies… ask them for a visitation and then pay attention.

Humans… we share the sky with all beings and all generations… time for peace there too…

Three eyes open, 12 chakras activating,  and heart pulsations to all universes….

Indian in the machine




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2 thoughts on “A Sylph INSIDE A Chemtrail, Which Is Next To HAARP Cloud

  1. Nancy says:

    Love your pictures, you are on the right track but the idea that these beings are what you think they are is really detrimental to people’s eternal life. If one believes it or not, Jesus is real and I feel bad and affraid for people who dive into this headfirst. I suppose they don’t care what you call them as long as you omitted Jesus our savior altogether that is the plan. That is why they all, these spirits some call ascended masters, alien, light workers, all make it a point to deny Jesus is the Son Of God, I have read it from different new age beliefs for 20+ years and you would think it would be a mute subject for them and would not make any difference what we be lived about Him, but it does, so why even bother talking and denying His true identity. That has always made me question them.He interferes in their “do good by us” plans. They cant abide and work all the deceit on those who believe He is who He is. He also hold back the terror they will inflict when He removes His hand and therefore his protection. People should not fall for the lie and find out what these beings that really exist are. It is a deadly cost all lie. I believe you are a basically good person in human standards but God has his and none are good, even me. Christ is perfect for us and all we must do is claim it and believe, safer than believing in these lying beings. I have read a lot of your stuff and it breaks my heart at some of these things you spread. I hope your eyes are opened. May God Bless you.

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