One Day The Cloud Looked Back

One Day The Cloud Looked Back

This pic was taken over Lake Louise AB Canada, 2012.   Why do all these strange things happen to me… and I making this stuff up?  Why do angels, sky spirits, cloudships and other beings, come by for a visit?  It’s because I am a messenger of the spirit world… the spirit world is the cause and the physical world is the effect…. those who know the spirit world hold power… this is why secret societies often kept their spirit knowledge to themselves… I, on the other hand, find passion in sharing this stuff… I share power. That’s why the spirit world visits me, because it’s part of my mission to help our planet rediscover the spirit world, and thus our place in the world, and thus other dimensions… the Universe is based on shared power.

Some might scream ‘photoshop’ hehe… but I make a video too. ;)  

Indian in the machine




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