What Is This Square Cloud Trying To Tell Us?


What Is This Square Cloud Trying To Tell Us?

This square cloud is trying to tell us, that we are not alone in the universe, and that our planet is being visited by our star family.

Oh, there are many other  shapes by which they do this…

See more cloudships here.

By the way there is not a classification for square clouds, as a normal phenomena…. no this isn’t haarp either.

Our planet will continue to be visited, in the hopes that each soul may choose to remember that our heritage is from the stars… sooooo feel free to decrease the amount of time spent in mindless pursuits, and see if the greatest story seldom told, will have your participation… cloudships are disclosure in action… if you are waiting for our star family to land…. STOP WAITING AND DO SOMETHING, AND BE LOVE!

Affirmation:  “Dear God, thanks for this crazy earthling experience, where people live in an illusionary world of the illuminati… I am now eager to fully and completely wake from the illusion… and am ready to work on behalf of my planet and species, to welcome our star family…. I will no longer sit idle expecting other people to do everything, while I sit back and criticize from the sidelines, thinking that is my only contribution… which I now know, is a sign of my weakness and ego… bring on those cloudships in the sky… I will see them and even take pictures, to help others understand that ETs don’t just land on a planet like our’s, and that their mission is gradual and respects THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION… which I am relearning!!!… I am unlimited again.”


Indian in the machine


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