10 Ways To Participate With Ongoing ET Disclosure In The Sky

10 Ways To Participate With Ongoing Sky ET Disclosure 

Indian in the machine

Sure we’re not in a cushy office in Washington, but we’re more powerful than that!


1.  Ask for a visitation… that’s what I’ve been doing all these years… it works… they listen.

2.  When you receive a visitation…. talk back as if they can read your mind…. they can!

3.  Take a camera with you… that way you can share what you see in the sky.

4.  Share stories and images… don’t be afraid of looking weird… we’re way past that as a planet.

5.  Share your activities and other’s, on social media.

6.  Watch for the 5 ‘new colours’ of the fifth dimension… Examples of the sky cloudships showing us new colours are found here.

7.  Research the leaders of “Project Transition Earth”…. everyone is under Sananda, Hatonn and Ashtar. All ufo sightings will eventually lead to Sananda, who is the returned soul, of Jesus from the bible.

8.  Activate your inner spirit… the ships are trying to reach you… not your ego… but you…. say to yourself right now if you like, “Higher self, please connect with me”.

9.  Read up on the “Tsunami of Love”…. this is a big wave of energy directed at earth… due to earth becoming a focal point for a multiverse mass ascension.

10. Disclosure/Ascension has changed just days ago… get your update here: Your Ascension Update As Of June 11, 2014, With Explanation From Father God

Bonus 11.   Freeing our prison planet is all about getting us earthlings to follow the LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION… if you do not follow these laws, you don’t get along well with others… shall we say.


IMPORTANT INFO! Hindu Gods, Shiva And Ganesh Appear In Alberta Canada (June 4), Situated Between Yellowstone And Alaska (Both Are Active North American Volcanoes RIGHT NOW!)


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