New Sky Ascension Colours Explained: Earth Sky Filled With Fifth Dimensional Colours Via Sylphs And Cloudships

New Sky Ascension Colours Explained: Earth Sky Filled With Fifth Dimensional Colours Via Sylphs And Cloudships

If you have seen a sky that looked like any of these photos, you are a fortunate human.  Some of this phenomena comes from the sky spirits known as ‘sylphs’, and some of them come from Ashtar Command cloudships… the purpose is to help humans realize that we are not alone, and that there is something special happening…some of these colours they show us are from a new spectrum of fifth dimensional Light, and is very activating to anyone open it.   The new colours shown in the sky are:

8TH RAY – Seafoam green with violet: clear and cleanse 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

9TH RAY – Luminescent light green and blue: love, joy and passion for life

10TH RAY – Pearlescent luminosity: Code your lightbody into the physical, draw in your I AM Presence

11TH RAY – Peach luminosity: Bridge to new age, balance male and female polarities

12 RAY – White Gold: Cosmic fire, ease and grace in one’s creations

The five higher Rays have been brought forth to give you even greater assistance, as you integrate the love of your Sacred Heart. Beloved ones, call on the Eight Ray, this sea foam green with violet Ray, to clear and cleanse your four bodies. Clear and cleanse your physical, emotional, and mental, and spiritual bodies, through the calling in of this Ray. As you release in layers, each day, call upon this Ray.

Call upon the Ninth Ray for the love and the joy to assist you to stay within your passion for life, your great desire to become and be your light body, your Divine I Am Presence. The Ninth Ray of luminescent light green and blue, and the light of God, will help you to further cleanse and release layers which no longer serve you. This Ray will assist you in attracting your light body.

It is the Tenth Ray of pearlescent luminosity and God light, which will code your light body into the physical. Cleanse and clear, beloved ones, cleanse and clear, so you may make way for your light body to fill the very essence of you, to fill your physical body and every aspect of you with the unconditional love, will, power, and wisdom of the Cosmos. Intentionally draw in your Divine I Am Presence, and freely call on the Tenth Ray to assist you. This Ray is of most great importance to you at this time.

The Eleventh Ray, of peach luminosity and God light, is the bridge to the New Age. It will further help you clear remaining patterns which no longer serve you; it will help you bring into balance the remainder of the masculine and feminine polarities, as you integrate your Divine I Am Presence.

The Twelfth Ray is the glorious, luminous, white gold, God light. It is the light of the Cosmos, the Cosmic Fire of all Creation. It is the Heartbeat of God. It is the Wisdom of God. Draw it in, beloved ones, draw it in, incorporate it, ask for ease and grace in all that you do, and ask for ease and grace as you work with these Rays. Call upon the amount of each Ray that is perfect for you in the Now Moment so that you will move forward in the love of your Sacred Heart, with full ease and grace.





1. A new feeling about the air…. a sense of new freshness.

2. A deeper blue energy.

Relating more to #1 and #2.. The sky may have received an upgrade on September 8… during a Atlantis ruby crystal activation, that is perceivable.

3.  A sun that has changed from yellow to white over the past 27 years since Harmonic Convergence.

4.  The appearance of sylphs and cloudships.

5.  New colour demonstrations by sylphs and cloudships.

6. Multicoloured flashing strobing stars at night that are not stars.


Look In Between Chemtrail Spray Sessions For Evidence Of New Fifth Dimensional Sky Energies


4 thoughts on “New Sky Ascension Colours Explained: Earth Sky Filled With Fifth Dimensional Colours Via Sylphs And Cloudships

  1. Joanne Danielle Gibson says:

    What an amazing find this site is!!! I have been noticing thing’s changing in the sky for a few months now…CCloud’s shapes ,colours , stars that move and spin and much more. So happy to have found your beautiful pictures. I will keep you posted of whats happening here in London. Love Joanne

  2. Joanne Danielle Gibson says:

    I should have mentioned you have introduced me to Sylph’s ! Great feeling to know the skies are really alive with activity and what I see is not just oddities :-))))) Thank you !!

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