Chemtrails are Being Transformed, According to the Company of Heaven

Chemtrails 44

Chemtrails are Being Transformed, According to the Company of Heaven

So let me illustrate that other sources as well are saying that existing chemtrails are being, and have been for a few years now, reduced, neutralized, and transformed. The original quote from Archangel Michael was:

Steve Beckow: Is it true that the chemtrails are [still] having an effect?

Archangel Michael: No.

S: No. I have a reader who says the chemtrails in her area are worse than ever. Can you confirm for her that the chemtrails are either not happening or….

AAM: It is not that there are no emissions. But even within the fluid of airplanes and other vehicles, the star brothers and sisters have been transmuting this. So she may be seeing what she believes to be chemtrails in the sky … and, yes, is there a bit of deception going on here?

No, he is not saying that the Company of Heaven is deceiving you, as one reader queried. He’s saying that the CoH is not advertising what they’re doing, lest the cabal “adapt.” The CoH is practicing deception. He makes that clear in the next sentence.

AAM: Well, we would call it playful deception because if those who were doing chemtrails thought they weren’t emitting chemtrails then they would get back to work to try to fix the matter.

So they believe their chemtrails are there and everything is fine. They are not. (1)

Here he is on another occasion repeating himself:

AAM: Chemtrails are not a reality. And again, there are a couple of situations where there are attempts for chemtrails to be dispersed, but in fact these are being immediately transmuted — again, by your star brothers and sisters.

The resources, the real gifts of Gaia — which is, of course, the Earth, the air, the water, the light, the sun — are being restored, and they are also being protected. So, even when it is appearing that it looks like a chemtrail, simply know that there are elements that have been diffused into these. …

So the danger — that is really the question — there are a couple, literally, of situations, companies, that are dispersing chemtrails. It is not a normal practice any longer, and when they are released, even as they are being released, they have already been infused with codes and elements that are not known or available on Earth. So it is not happening. (2)


This is good news… because I am sure many people who are not consciously connected to heaven, may be in fear… as well, there may be areas in the world, where the chemtrailing is rather intense… however keep in mind and heart:

1.  There are no mass deaths of chemtrails.

2.  The plant and animals of the world are not dying from chemtrails.

3.  Morgellons disease, is easily curable. Chemtrail Critters Live on Camera! Watch These Artificial Lifeforms Wiggle! They Get Into Your Skin and Itch… Remove Them With Special Bath

4.  Ashtar Command is in charge of earth. Ashtar Command Cloudship Travels Under Chemtrails, And Displays “Energy Signature”, Before Blasting It!!!

They’re Here!!! Two Exclamation Marks Followed By Chemtrail Neutralization Demonstration From Galactic Cloudship

Look In Between Chemtrail Spray Sessions For Evidence Of New Fifth Dimensional Sky Energies 5.  The elemental world is clearing chemtrails and putting on public demonstrations.

Ashtar Command Rainbow UFO Cloudship Appears Over Canada, And Cleans Up A Chemtrail

Sky Angels In Action Caught Cleaning Up Chemtrails!

6.  Yes, heaven will deceive humans, for their own good!

Birds Will Not Piss On It! Man Collects 9 Months Of Chemtrail, Fake Snow And Rain, In Evidence Tank


So it is looking like humans are learning a lesson to not spray themselves like mosquitos, and to take RESPONSIBILITY for our lives and our planet, and will not be allowed to exterminate ourselves like bugs.

“The Sky Is Cleaner Now” Theory, And Chemtrails Are No Longer An Issue

Sananda Provides A Chemtrail Update Live On “Channel Panel” Blogtalk Radio / Has Chemtrail Activity Lessened Over Past Two Months?

The Essential Guide To Earth Sky Visitors, And The Unusual Sky 2016

Indian in the machine

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  1. Vickie lyall says:

    I can’t quite understand all this information I’m reading. I have been trying for 11 years now to find out about my pictures. They are beautiful. Every time I take a picture especially the sky, all king of things appears in them and they changed. Why? How can I find out the reason for it. Thank you. My email is

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