Sometimes When The Sky Appears “Normal”… It Isn’t… What To Look For

Sometimes When The Sky Appears “Normal”… It Isn’t… What To Look For

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One ‘Crazy’ Indian, A Cloudship, And A Skeptic For Breakfast –


One ‘Crazy’ Indian, A Cloudship, And A Skeptic For Breakfast –  Sometimes I just can’t resist pointing out the cloudships to people, especially if I’m in the mood to be a ‘crazy Indian’…especially if the cloudships in the sky are ‘obviously’ not just regular clouds, it makes this part of my mission all the more easier and fun… this morning, I couldn’t help but notice a cloudship saying ‘hello’.  I was having breaky with someone I would describe as a skeptic and to him I was surely a “conspiracy theorist”, which I explained to him, was a term used by people who cannot handle the truth… a few days ago over breakfast, I showed him a photo of the planet mars, and explained that mars isn’t a red planet… it’s a blue planet… I showed him the photo of a blue planet mars, with brown landscape, and a white north pole… I asked him what colour he sees… he said ‘red’… I told him, he said ‘red’ when there was no ‘red’ in the picture, that his answer was an indicator that he was brainwashed… anyhow… today when I brought up the idea of the cloudship, he couldn’t help but smirk… but I couldn’t resist being the ‘crazy Indian’ that would wipe that smirk away, very nicely of course and with a little help from my sky friends 😉  … I told him often the cloudships will show ‘stripes’ as an ‘energy signature’ to show people that it isn’t ‘just a cloud’… I told him you can’t tell the cloudship to prove itself to you, but that if you ask with your heart for a communication, one might come… yup crazy Indian talk,… his leg was a-twitching, which I’ve learned this is what he does when I’ve given something weird to think about, like the time I told him the gelatin capsules these days may be made from ‘human dna’… Sure enough about 20 minutes later after the “cloud” made some very ‘uncloudlike maneuvers’ which I kept on pointing out hehe, then as if on cue, it formed very defined ‘stripes’… I said, “see those stripes… ‘that’s what I told you might happen’… I’m pretty sure his leg twitched rather uncontrollably at that moment, but I was too busy smiling at the sky, and watching the cloudship quickly dissipate, to notice… it’s good to have friends in high places. – Indian in the machine

Native Man Says Rainbow Sky Spirits Leading Humanity To Fifth Dimension

Indian in the machine

Dear world,

I was asked a question about the rainbow sylphs from Nina, and it drew me to compare one of the rainbow sylphs photos (sylphs are sky elemental spirits…