Indian in the machine – Face in the sky at Lake Louise (Archangel Michael Vortex) Banff, Canada

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I want to Lake Louise to get a cosmic upgrade… and ended up getting a visitation in the sky… hey it happens! ;)… Leave your comments below, I’m curious as to what you think it going on… the are two faces in the cloud formation, to me one looks like a bird being, and the other looks feline.

(In the video I mention 3 significant lakes to the area… there are in fact, 4 colloidal lakes in the banff area.)

Banff sometimes gets a bad rap because it’s so “touristy”, and yet the energy here is so high frequency… if Banff is good enough for Archangel Michael and his cosmic trigger vortex it’s good enough for me…. imagine a whole network of lakes, rivers and streams, with special ascension minerals…. I hope you get a chance to visit Lake Louise and the area if you’re needing a bit of a boost to your ascension process.


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Indian in the machine

Canadian Rockies:
AA Michael Vortex
By Tyberonn

An awestruck visitor to Canada’s Lake Louise once commented that such scenery was proof that God existed. The year was 1978, years before my awakening. I walked up the cobbled trail from the parking area, staring at the enormous white stone Chateau, shining in the sunlight like polished alabaster. The architectural symmetry and sheer grandeur of the castle are impressive, but I was totally unprepared for the stunning scene that lay behind it. What glowed before me was living painting. A vibrant turquoise mountain lake framed by purple and gold cliffs, evergreen forests, and a massive white-blue glacier at the far end. Alpine flowers were everywhere. Beautiful sprays of orange, purple, yellow, white and red were dotted along the lakeside, and set in manicured gardens on the grounds of the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel in the forefront. It was love at first sight, and that love affair has continued ever since.


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