Sylphs over Dutchess County


Uploaded by  on Aug 24, 2008

Sylphs vs. chemtrails

Most people watching this video will not believe that these are sylphs, or that sylphs are even real for that matter. That’s fine. I only put this up to document what I saw. If this strikes a chord with anybody, even better.

I do want to point out that sylphs only appear in areas where the balance of positive orgone allows them to thrive. You will often see them on heavy spray days because they convert toxic chemtrails into harmless cloud material.

HOW TO SEE THE 5 NEW PRIMARY COLOURS (PART 5) – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

HOW TO SEE THE 5 NEW PRIMARY COLOURS (PART 5) – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Dear world,

I’ve been enjoying this new series “How to see the 5 new primary colours”, because it’s helping me to make sense of our world and what we are both witnessing and creating.   As we walk out of this “old age” of 7 primary colours…. we walk into a “new age” of 12 primary colours”… will it stop there.. who knows? But for now the sky is certainly revealing to us these 5 new primary colours… we are seeing these new colours in cloudships, sylphs, unusual clouds,  and aurora borealis… with more to come… Continue reading

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Indian in the machine – How to see 5 new primary colours in the sky (Part 2) 2012 coming closer which represents a quantum shift.... we are now able to take glimpses into that new reality... we are receiving 5 new primary colours... the cloudships are showing us the way... keep watching the sky for more incredible messages... lovelight, Dieter (Indian in the machine) 
Part 1 is available here: 
Indian in the machine