The Sky Will NOT Be Owned By Humans By 2025! Uplifting and Comforting Pictures Of The Chemtrail Eaters

Chomp chomp… gulp!

The Sky Will NOT Be Owned By Humans By 2025! Uplifting and Comforting Pictures Of The Chemtrail Eaters

The chemtrail eaters (see photos below)… otherwise known as the “Sylphs” are the sky elementals.  They had been given a mission from our Creator that they still perform to this day… to be witnessed by the masses… with no exceptions… however the masses, especially those who have little spiritual connection to the world around us, may not ‘see’ them…they may see simply clouds.

While the US corporate military have stated that they plan to own the weather by 2025…. the Sylphs have something to say about it, and so do 7.5 billion people… and so does Creator… and so does mother earth…. and so does the Galactic Federation of Light, and so does Ashtar Command etc… and more!….

Check out their pictures… and perhaps you too, if not already, will be partying wth our sky spirit friends, for without them, the chemtrails would have already killed us… and everything on the planet.  We owe much gratitude to those willing to assist us, while we humans learn to not attack each other, over and over.

Yes this may sound like crazy talk, but I assure those with an open heart, that if they put this theory to the test, it will be confirmed… ask the sylphs right now for a visitation!  You will know when you are near the truth, when you are freeing yourself and others from limitation… you may be full of it, when your ego-version of truth seeks to limit yourself and others.  Many who demand proof of the Sylphs, will 100% fail to prove that the sky is only full of clouds… but to each their own, just try to be kind to yourself and others as we open our minds and hearts to comprehend our world, if you are powerful enough. :)

We are also powerful enough to give our thanks and assistance to our sky heroes… the sylphs and others. :) .. thanks sky buddies!

We are also powerful enough to envision a pure blue sky… and powerful enough to not seek control over others. :)

Indian in the machine 


Further unlimiting sky research


Munch munch munch…

Who feels like chicken tonight!?

Line dancing anyone?

They work hard for the money, so you better treat them right!

A sky angel sylph and her vacuum cleaner!

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Walking a thin line…

Two sylphs at a crossroad

Subtle but effective!

Flexing the fluffy muscles…


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