ET Disclosure In Action… Strange Cloud Emits Beam

Strange Cloud Emits Beam

Folks… many of these unusual clouds are ‘cloudships’… this is disclosure in action! What would be useful, is if people could share the news… if we do not trust our leaders, do we trust ourselves to be grown up enough, to manage this planet for ourselves?

Affirmation:  ”Dear galactic family… thanks for al these hints, as to your presence… I would like many many more ships in the sky… you see, I have trouble believing in you… so please… more ships… I am also coming to terms with how damaging modern movies, video games and media and well, almost the entire western culture needs an overhall to the Light,… so please assist humanity to clean up the earth consciousness grid, of all warring energy… I’m 100% behind these words…. so be it!”


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